The purpose of 凸肚大学档案馆 is to collect and maintain the documentary heritage of 凸肚的大学, 它的组成部分和成员. This archival heritage includes records of St Mary Hall, the Senior Common Room and the clubs and societies of the Junior Common Room. Its holdings range from 1150 to almost the present day.

然而, the illuminated medieval manuscripts belonging to the College are no longer kept within the precincts of the College. These valuable items are deposited with the Bodleian Library.

Although there are various finding aids for the records held in 凸肚大学档案馆, these do not conform to modern notions for cataloguing and describing archives. There is an on-going project to catalogue the College Archives following recognized standards. Where catalogues have been completed for some sections, these will be linked to the web-site so that searchers can see for themselves what is here. 然而, the College Archivist is always more than happy to answer any questions so please feel free to contact him.



The early constitutional and administrative records of the College are detailed in 凸肚的大学 Records by C.L.并和H.E.索尔特(OUP和牛津历史学会,1926年), which also gives a great deal of information about 皇冠体育买球's properties in 皇冠体育买球. The minutes of the Governing Body 1446-1661 have also been published as The Dean's Register of 皇冠体育买球 by G.C.理查兹和H.E.索尔特(皇冠体育买球出版社1926).

Items of particular interest include a fine run of College accounts (1409-1525 and 1583 onwards), S的详细的账簿.C.R. (1744-1900)和中世纪圣. Bartholomew's Hospital in 皇冠体育买球, originally for lepers.


捐赠和信托的记录- BT


From its earliest days the College held estates and livings all over the country, 但主要是在伯克郡和牛津郡. 阿伯福德教区长官邸, 林肯郡的约克郡和科尔比, 以及圣公会大学教堂的教堂. Mary the Virgin in 皇冠体育买球, were all acquired in the 1320s.

学院的领地包括沃德利的庄园, 伯克郡(1440年),Dene和Chalford, 牛津郡(从1476年). 在利特沃斯也有大量的庄园, 伯克希尔哈撒韦公司(1459), Shenington, 牛津郡(1504年)和斯温斯威克, 靠近巴斯(1525年), 以及牛津本身可观的财产.

不幸的是几乎所有的详细记录, 比如信件和维修信息, 不生存. 有出租庄园的记录, so it is usually possible to find some details about the tenants of substantial houses. Cottages and other smaller properties are much more difficult to trace.

除了书面的遗产记录, the College Archives contain a range of maps and plans of College estates from the 17th to 20th centuries.

庄园记录- EST


The first place to look for information on students of 皇冠体育买球 is in the following publication:

Registrum 皇冠体育买球ense, C.L. Shadwell (volume I, 1500-1700 (London 1893); volume II, 1701 -1900 (London 1902)

There is surprisingly little biographical information about the students among the archives. The tutorial registers give information about examinations taken 1834-C.大学课程选在1834-1943年. 首页 addresses at admission are recorded for many admissions between 1768 and 1865, and there are some information forms filled in by old members themselves in 1952. Please remember that records of more recent students are covered by the Data Protection Act.


  • Dates of birth before the twentieth century, with very occasional exceptions
  • 母亲的名字
  • 详细的考试成绩
  • 论文和学位论文复印件


The College Archives has two important collections of letters:


兰斯洛特·里德利·菲尔普斯(1853-1936), 皇冠体育买球教务长1914-1930年, 有大量的书信往来, 几乎保存了他所有的信件. Although much of the collection was destroyed in about 1940, a substantial quantity remains and there are comprehensive personal name indexes. 学院和大学事务占主导地位, including letters from undergraduates (some in the overseas civil services), 但个人和家庭事务也有代表. Of particular interest are letters relating to his involvement in Poor Law administration, 在当地和全国.


牧师. E.H. Fellowes (1870 - 1951), 1889-1892年皇冠体育买球大学的本科生, became well known for his work in promoting the revival of sixteenth and seventeenth century English music. This small collection includes his eye witness account of Queen Victoria's funeral, 还有艾德里安·博尔特的来信, 爱德华埃尔加, 古斯塔夫·霍尔斯特, 赫伯特·豪厄尔斯, 休伯特帕里, 约翰色料, 查尔斯Villiers斯坦福, 利奥波德Stokowski, 拉尔夫·沃恩·威廉姆斯, H. 沃尔福德·戴维斯和亨利·伍德.



大部份的圣. Mary Hall has survived than is usual for 皇冠体育买球 academic halls, 可能是因为皇冠体育买球一直拥有这些建筑, and most of the Principals of the Hall were also 研究员 of the College.

这些记录包括1764-1899年的校长日志, 黄油书1715 - 1874, 巴图尔账户1773 - 1898, and papers relating to the Dyke Trust for scholarships 1730-1891.

圣玛丽大厅记录- SMH


Two Journals with outline records of the term by term life of the Hall 1833-1899 generally record the arrival and departure of students. Philip Bliss [Principal 1848-1857] made brief biographical notes about members of the Hall from the sixteenth century onwards and these occasionally have some useful information. 然而, it should be stressed that the material available is scanty at best; only occasionally is there anything beyond the details held in the University Archives and outlined in the following publications, 约瑟夫·福斯特:

校友 Oxonienses: the members of the University of 皇冠体育买球, 1500-1714 (London, 1891) 

校友 Oxonienses: the members of the University of 皇冠体育买球, 1715-1886 (London, 1888) 

皇冠体育买球 men and their colleges, 1880-1892 (皇冠体育买球, 1893)


For any questions, please feel free to contact Rob Petre, the College Archivist:

电子邮件: archives@oriel.sanchoipc.com 

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