This privacy notice sets out how 皇冠体育买球 College gathers 和 processes information from our websites

皇冠体育买球 College is committed to protecting the privacy 和 security of personal data.

This notice explains what personal data 皇冠体育买球 College (“us” or “we”) gather 和 hold about visitors to our website (“you”), 皇冠最新足球网址内部如何使用它, 皇冠最新足球网址如何分享它, how long we keep it 和 what your legal rights are in relation to it. 如果您访问其他网站, 包括皇冠最新足球网址网站上的链接, you will need to consult the appropriate information on other sites for information on their policies 和 or statements.

For the parts of your personal data that you supply to us to us, this notice also explains the basis on which you provide the information. For the parts of your personal data that we generate about you, 或者皇冠最新足球网址从别人那里得到的, 它解释了数据的来源.

的re are some instances where we process your personal data on the basis of your 同意. This notice sets out the categories 和 purposes of data where your 同意 is needed.

皇冠体育买球学院也发布了单独的通知, 哪些适用于其他团体和活动. 你在皇冠最新足球网址的网站上完成了一个网页表格, which asks you to give us certain information voluntarily (such as your name, 联系信息, 电子邮件地址或电话号码)用于特定目的, you may need to consult another of our notices to see how that data will be h和led. 例如, 如果你使用网络表格注册参加大学活动, you should also consult the conferences 和 events privacy notice. 以全面了解您的数据如何被处理, it is important that you read this privacy notice together with any other applicable privacy notices.

What is your personal data 和 how does the law regulate use of it?

“Personal data” is information relating to you as a living, identifiable individual. 皇冠最新足球网址称之为"您的数据".

Data protection law requires 皇冠体育买球 College as data controller for your data:

  • To process your data in a lawful, fair 和 transparent way;
  • To only collect your data for explicit 和 legitimate purposes;
  • To only collect data that is relevant, 和 limited to the purpose(s) we have told you about;
  • 确保您的数据是准确和最新的;
  • To ensure that your data is only kept as long as necessary for the purpose(s) we have told you about;
  • To ensure that appropriate security measures are used to protect your data.


如果您需要与皇冠最新足球网址联系您的数据,请联系: dpo@凸肚.sanchoipc.com or Data Protection Officer, 皇冠体育买球 College, 皇冠体育买球 Square, Oxford, OX1 4EW.


当你使用一个网站, 移动应用程序或其他互联网服务, 某些信息是自动创建和记录的. 的 same is true for our website(s), being those with URLs starting www.凸肚.sanchoipc.com or http://alumni.oriel.sanchoipc.com.

In addition to the data we gather via web forms placed on our site (the h和ling of which will be governed by the relevant data protection notice covering the circumstances 和 context), 皇冠最新足球网址通过网站收集和生成各种数据.

Categories of data that we collect, store 和 use include (but are not limited to):

1. 日志数据:当您使用皇冠最新足球网址的网站时, our servers automatically record information (“log data”) regarding that access, 包括:

  • Any data sent by your browser or mobile app to enable you to access the site.
  • Location data of users (if provided by the connecting device).
  • Internet Protocol (IP) address of the connecting device or other unique device identifiers.
  • 连接设备的浏览器类型和设置.
  • 访问的日期和时间.
  • 试图登录封闭系统的详细信息.
  • 事故数据.

2. Cookie数据: We may use “cookies” (small text files sent by your computer each time you visit our website, unique to your visit or your browser) or similar technologies to record additional information. We use both session cookies 和 persistent cookies on our websites. 皇冠最新足球网址的cookie记录信息包括:

  • 语言首选项.
  • 网上“购物篮”的内容(如有关).
  • 花在网站上的时间.
  • How you arrived on the site (search engine, search keyword, link etc).

For further information on the cookies we use 和 the data each collects, 请参阅皇冠最新足球网址的饼干通知.

Most data collected is statistical data about our users' browsing actions 和 patterns, 并没有指明任何个人. 然而, there may be occasions where browsing patterns are connected to IP addresses or location data such that the data as a whole is personal data.

Whether we collect some of the above information often depends on your device type 和 settings. To learn more about what information your device makes available to us, please also check the policies of your device manufacturer or software provider.


的 law requires that we provide you with information about the lawful basis on which we process your personal data, 目的是什么?.

In most circumstances, we require your 同意 to place cookies on your device(s). 当你浏览皇冠最新足球网址的网站(www.凸肚.sanchoipc.comhttp://alumni.oriel.sanchoipc.com),你会收到皇冠最新足球网址使用cookies的通知, 和 continued use of the site following that notification is taken as 同意 to the use of cookies.  

如果你不希望皇冠最新足球网址使用cookie, you should adjust your browser settings to reject cookie use. Your operating system may allow you to set your preferences in a variety of ways, 包括“禁止跟踪”设置. If you enable the setting, we will not track your activity on our site.

皇冠最新足球网址用cookie维护网站安全的地方, or to ensure the proper functioning of the site (for example via the use of load-bearing cookies), 皇冠最新足球网址不要求您同意使用这些cookie. We have a legitimate interest in their use 和 we process all data, 就像那些饼干收集的一样, 在此基础上.

Data that you provide to us 和 the possible consequences of you not providing it

的 data that we collect via our website in the course of your accessing it, 是你自愿提供的吗. If you elect to adjust your browser settings to reject cookies, 这可能会影响你使用网站的经验, in the event that any blocked cookies support functionality.


Apart from the data that you provide to us, we may also receive data about you from other sources:

We may get information about you 和 your activity outside 皇冠体育买球 College from other third parties we work with. 例如:

  • 的 University of Oxford (If you are authenticated with RAVEN or Shibboleth (University SSO)).
  • Google Analytics shares information with the websites or apps where it runs to provide statistics. 皇冠最新足球网址也接收到这个信息, which may include information such as whether clicks on other sites led to visits to our site. 有关谷歌分析的更多信息,请参见 http://www.google.com/analytics/.


皇冠最新足球网址没有,也不会将您的数据出售给第三方. We will only share it with third parties if we are allowed or required to do so by law.

Examples of bodies to whom we are required by law to disclose certain data include, 但不限于:

人: UK agencies with duties relating to the prevention 和 detection of crime, 逮捕及检控违法者, 维护, 或国家安全.

原因:  皇冠最新足球网址可以与政府部门共享数据, crime prevention 和 law enforcement agencies when required or considered appropriate in the circumstances 和 with the proper consideration of your rights 和 freedoms. [在法律规定皇冠最新足球网址有报告义务的情况下]

Examples of bodies to whom we may voluntarily disclose data, 在适当的情况下, 包括但不限于:

人: Other Colleges 和/or PPH’s within the University of Oxford, University offices 和/or departments.

原因: Data from cookies may be shared in pursuit of our legitimate interest in maintaining the proper function 和 security of our website, or where the other party has a legitimate interest is receiving the data for similar purposes. Data may also be shared in an anonymized 和/or statistical format.

人: 法律顾问及审计师.

原因: To support our legal 和 financial obligations 和 objectives.

人: 第三方服务供应商.

原因: 协助奥瑞尔书院举办活动. 任何转让都将受到适当的, 奥列尔学院和处理器之间的正式协议.

人: UK agencies with duties relating to the prevention 和 detection of crime, 逮捕及检控违法者, 维护, 或国家安全.

原因: 皇冠最新足球网址可以与政府部门共享数据, crime prevention 和 law enforcement agencies when required or considered appropriate in the circumstances 和 with the proper consideration of your rights 和 freedoms.

网站信息在哪里与第三方共享, we will seek to share the minimum amount of information necessary to fulfil the purpose. 

All our third party service providers are required to take appropriate security measures to protect your personal information in line with our policies, 和 are only permitted to process your personal data for specific purposes in accordance with our instructions. We do not allow our third party providers to use your personal data for their own purposes.


的 law provides various further safeguards where data is transferred outside of the EU.

When you are resident outside the EU in a country where there is no “adequacy decision” by the European Commission, 另外一种保护措施是不可用的, we may still transfer data to you which is necessary for performance of your contract with us.

否则, we will not transfer your data outside the European Union without first notifying you of our intentions 和 of the safeguards that apply to your data.


We do not envisage that any decisions will be taken about you based solely on automated means. 如果这个位置有变化,皇冠最新足球网址会更新这个通知.


We retain your personal information for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes we collected it for, 包括为了满足任何合法的目的, 会计, 监管, 纪律或报告要求. 

的 majority of website data is not held in a personally identifiable for more than 2 years, 当被自动删除时. Data which we need to hold for longer periods will be anonymized where possible.  

Please note that we may keep anonymized statistical data indefinitely, 但从这些数据中无法识别你.

皇冠最新足球网址采用数据收集, storage 和 processing practices 和 security measures to protect against unauthorised access, 变更, 泄露或销毁您的个人信息, 用户名, 密码, 存储在皇冠最新足球网址网站上的交易信息和数据.


Subject to certain conditions 和 exception set out in UK data protection law, you have:

  • 要求访问的权利 你的数据的副本, as well as to be informed of various information about how your data is being used;
  • 拥有任何权利 不准确 在您已更正的数据中, which may include the 拥有任何权利 incomplete data completed;
  • 拥有您个人资料的权利 抹去 在某些情况下;
  • 有权处理你的数据 暂停, for example if you want us to establish the accuracy of the data we are processing.
  • 获得权利 你提供给皇冠最新足球网址的资料副本, 和 have that transmitted to another data controller (for example, another University or College).
  • 反对任何直销的权利 (for example, email marketing or phone calls) by us, 和 to require us to stop such marketing.
  • 反对处理您的信息的权利 if we are relying on a “legitimate interest” for the processing or where the processing is necessary for the performance of a task carried out in the public interest.
  • 反对任何自动决策的权利 about you which produces legal effects or otherwise significantly affects you.
  • 处理你的资料的合法依据在哪里 同意,你有 有权在任何时候撤回您的同意. This will not affect the validity of any lawful processing of your data up until the time when you withdrew your 同意. You may withdraw your 同意 by contacting the College Data Protection Officer at: dpo@凸肚.sanchoipc.com or Data Protection Officer, 皇冠体育买球 College, 皇冠体育买球 Square, Oxford, OX1 4EW.

If you wish to exercise any of your rights in relation to your data as processed by 皇冠体育买球 College please contact our Data Protection Officer at: dpo@凸肚.sanchoipc.com or Data Protection Officer, 皇冠体育买球 College, 皇冠体育买球 Square, Oxford, OX1 4EW. 你的某些权利不是自动产生的, 和 we reserve the right to discuss with you why we might not comply with a request from you to exercise them.

Further guidance on your rights is available from the Information Commissioner’s Office (http://.ico.org.uk/). You have the right to complain to the UK’s supervisory office for data protection, 资讯专员办公室,网址为 http://ico.org.uk/concerns/ 如果您认为您的数据已被非法处理.


皇冠最新足球网址可能需要不时更新此通知, 例如,如果法律或监管要求发生变化, if technology changes or to make the College’s or the University’s operations 和 procedures more efficient. 如果变化是实质性的, we will publish details of the change not less than two months’ notice of the change so that you can exercise your rights, 如果合适的话, 在变更生效之前.